Lab news

Dr. Yi Huang joined Biomedical Science Graduate Programs (Cancer Biology & Molecular Medicine) as a faculty member, July 2023
Welcome new graduate students to join our lab.

Dr. Yi Huang joined Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center as a full member, May 2023
The membership would promote collaboration between Huang lab and other research teams at HCCC.

Dr. Yi Huang joined to University of Iowa as Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, April 2023
Thanks to all past lab members at University of Pittsburgh for your hard work to help move our research projects forward!

Dr. Yi Huang was awarded a 5-year NIH/NCI R01 grant to investigate epigenetic roles in breast cancer, March 2021
This award will determine a novel mechanism by which overexpression of LSD1 facilitates triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) progression. This project is also aimed at utilizing novel epigenetic agents to enhance tumor suppression, antitumor immunity, and overcome therapeutic resistance in TNBC.